I’m off to a roaring start.  I had just started to work on this and the computer shut down for updates. Now I’m once again behind the 8 ball, whatever that means.  I wouldn’t fit behind an 8 ball.  Anyhow where was I, Oh yea . . .

I need to preface this by giving you some info about my situation otherwise you will not understand where some of the “stuff” comes from that I share.  First of all let me say I have a great life but at times it feels a bit bizarre. I lovingly call it geriatric hell. No, please, I’m not that old. I’m just surrounded by people who are.

My father in law, a lovely may of 93, is visiting.  He usually comes for 3 weeks in the summer. This year he is here for 5 weeks. (Pause for laughter) This is the point at which most of my friends just look at me and laugh. Then there are my parents. Dad is 90. Mom is 87. Both in bad shape. Dad just got out of the Nursing Home/Rehab. They didn’t release him because he is better. They released him because as far as his insurance company is concerned he is as good as he his going to get.  He fell almost 2 months ago and broke his hip so the dear man is in a wheelchair. The rest is too depressing for first thing in the morning.  More about that when I have a glass of wine or an Irish Whiskey in front of me.  But I will let you know that part of every day is spent with my parents.

So last night I was trying to wash off the day by relaxing in the hot tub.  It was a beautiful night. The lighting bugs, or fireflies as some of you call them, were out in force.  They made the trees surrounding our house light up like a christmas tree with twinkle lights.  For some reason they seemed much brighter than usual.  I mentioned this to my husband who said that yes he agreed they were brighter, in fact, they looked life fireflies on steroids.  Hmmm. Which reminded me of a story.  When my daughter was about 5 we were at a family gathering with her Dads family.  They kids were all joyfully running around the lawn catching lightning bugs.  My daughter was so excited and ran to show her grandmother. Now, my ex mother in law, who is a wonderful person, LOVED and still loves jewelry.  She proceeded to take the unsuspecting firefly from my daughters hand, pull off the wings, remove the glowing circle, put it on the childs finger and say “look, now you have a diamond ring”.  My poor sweet little angel proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs and cry uncontrollably. So much for a lovely family evening in a pastoral country setting.

Now, you have to get out after dark and just enjoy how beautiful the night can be this time of the year.  Please respond and let me know what you call these little beacons of light – lighting bugs, fireflies or perhaps something else.

Don’t forget to check out the Weekend page to see what’s going on.  In addition to the festivities at Chris Cottage/ Hens Teeth on Friday there will be some really smooth jazz at Joseph Ambler Inn this evening.  It will be in the bar area from 6 to 9.  I’ll post more details later today.

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  1. She pulled off the insect’s wings? Ugh. Not sure I would be revealing animal cruelty in the blog in future 🙂

    Fireflies are interesting – they don’t eat – they did all their eating as larvae – so all they do is flash, mate and die.

    You certainly are surrounded by lovable but exhausting seniors. You are very patient!

  2. We call them june bugs in our house…mostly to serve as a reminder to my kids that they are only here in June. So enjoy those june bugs kiddos and STOP asking to catch them every night when June is over. As the recipient of Mom Mom’s little bug ring, I want all to know I have recovered, the nightmares have stopped, and she did successfully pass on to me her love of all things sparkly!!

  3. We call them June bugs as well. Tihis serves two purposes. One it reminds us all to enjoy them now because they are only here for a short time. Two, it reminds my kids to STOP asking to catch them the rest of the summer. As the recipient of Mom Mom’s little bug ring, I want everyone to know I am fine and the nightmares have stopped. She did however, successfully pass on to me her love of all things sparkly!

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