Gifts from my Father

Every child should think that they have the best Dad in the whole world.  My inner child, and yes we all have an inner child, is sure that my Dad was Super Man, Santa and the Lone Ranger all rolled into one.  No he didn’t jump tall buildings in a single bound. He didn’t have a horse or a faithful sidekick Tonto. The gifts he showered us with were not bought at the store. They were not wrapped in shiny gift wrap and tied up with bows.  His gifts were gifts that have lasted a life time.  Dad loved us unconditionally. He was the one who read stories at night, tucked us in and helped with homework.  When he got home at night he turned into Mr. Mom. In my case he gave me the greatest gifts I can imagine.  He gave me my love of Family.  Dad would always tell me how lucky I was to have my brother and sister. He would always say that your friends come and go but your family is forever.  He taught me to listen to my conscience.  When I was in high school, he would remind me not to do anything I would be ashamed to have him see me do. At night we drew pictures. He taught me to draw and gave me my life long love of art.  He and I went on long car trips to visit his parents.  We sang all the way up and back in the car.  He gave me my love for music. Most of all, Dad made us feel safe. We always felt our world was stable. We never were afraid our family would fall apart. He did the best thing that a Dad can do for his children.  He loved and respected our Mother. Thank you Daddy!

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