So what is old?

The other night while sitting in the hot tub I began to ponder. Please note that many momentous thoughts come to me while in the hot tub – not sure if it’s because the hot circulating water relaxes the mind or if it has something to do with the drink in my hand. I asked my husband, honey am I middle-aged or just old? Since he is a wonderful husband and excellent human being he replied, of course you’re not old. Good man!!

So what is middle-aged and what is just old.  I’m in my 50’s. Had I been born in the early 1800’s, when the average life expectancy was in the 40’s, I’d be long gone.  According to the us census, middle age is 35 to 54.  Are they nuts.  My beautiful, young daughter is not that far from 35.  She still gets carded!  What does the US government know about important stuff like this anyhow?  Let’s try another source – a ha! According to middle age is “the period of human life between youth and old age, sometimes considered as the years between 45 and 65 or thereabout”. That sounds better but makes me middle-aged married to an old guy.  I’m not married to an old guy! I must keep searching the internet to find an answer that I like.  Have you noticed that if you look something up and don’t like the answer you are sure to find an answer you like better if you just keep searching?  AHH found it . . . Elderly is always about 10 years older than a persons current age. That is an excellent answer. Since my husband is 8 years older that covers both of us.

4 responses to “So what is old?

  1. Perfect definition. That covers my hubby and me, as well. But, truth be told, age resides between your ears. Some days that means I’m 80, but most days it means I’m 25!

  2. OK, your gorgeous daughter is not a fair benchmark – you birthed a genetic freak (in the best way possible)! She makes the rest of us 30-somethings look bad. Seriously, she is an amazing friend, but terrible for one’s self-esteem. 🙂 And you are NOT old!!!

  3. I just turned 50. And my “significant other”? He just turned 42. I may want to live to 105, just because.. so I am STILL not middle aged. And that is my story.

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