Life lessons passed on to my daughter

I would like to think that as mothers we strive to set good examples for our children. Once they become adults, and parents themselves, we occasionally pass on the wisdom of the ages.  We clue them in on lessons learned through trial and error and many years of parenting. One of my more profound momisms comes up on a regular basis. Every mother has had those mornings where the kids sleep late or just don’t move fast enough to catch the bus for school.  The older they get, the more you can be sure that they are missing the bus on purpose.  By high school they don’t want to ride the “shame train” at all.  Or maybe it’s summer and they need to get to swim lessons.  Ahh summer, just because it’s vacation time doesn’t mean things slow down. I will never understand why swim lessons start so early.  You can’t even get a second cup of coffee before you have to get to the pool! Once again, I digress.  Anyhow, picture this. It’s 8:15. Kid has to be at the pool at 8:30. You just rolled out of bed. You thought you took all your makeup off last night but there are unsightly mascara smudges on your face. Your hair looks like a bird made a nest in it.  How can you show up at the pool and walk your daughter into her lesson passed all those perky moms who have already been up, showered, gone to the gym, showered again, perfectly applied their make up and coiffed their hair so that they look as fresh as a daisy? Now you start to sweat at the thought. Think no more the solution is here.  Sunglasses, a hat and lipstick will solve all your problems.  Now hurry, grab your clothes, run to the laundry room, throw them in the dryer to get the wrinkles out while you brush your teeth.  Get that lipstick on girl! Now the hat – tuck the hair under the hat and don your sunglasses.  Hey, you look pretty good! Oh, one last thing. Put on some perfume. You wouldn’t want them to smell the sweat.

One response to “Life lessons passed on to my daughter

  1. Entertaining blog post, but I just can’t relate. When I was raising my five kids, I’m sure I was one of those mom you mentioned who went to the gym early, applied flawless make-up, did their hair, etc. Not to brag, but my children, were extremely compliant. They took their showers, made their beds, ate a healthy breakfast, cleaned up the dishes, and calmly positioned themself in the car, grateful for a mom who was taking them to swim lessons. Ah yes…I remember it well!

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