Happy Birthday

I’m late sitting down to write this morning.  It’s my Father in Law’s birthday.  He’s 93 today.  Ok, I’ve been exaggerating the last week or so when I said he was 93. He was technically 92 but his birthday was so close. Anyhow, I thought a special breakfast was in order. Blueberry Belgian waffles were the order of the day.

This man may be 93, officially now, but he doesn’t act like he’s that old.  I know people who are 73 that act older.  Ok, he is physically getting more frail but his mind is pretty darn sharp and he doesn’t sit and dwell and talk about old people things like bodily functions and how many pills he takes.  I guess, to use a cliché, he is “young at heart”.

My Aunt used to say that you start getting old when you stop learning something new every day.  Smart woman. I think that is why my Father in Law isn’t old at 93.  He has a wonderful curious mind.  He watches the news (CNN at full blast – sometimes all day).  He is very knowledgeable about current events.   When we bought our first hybrid car my he had so many questions about how the engine worked that my husband printed a stack of material from an internet site so he could read and learn about the technology. He is also addicted to sudoku and crossword puzzles.

Now, he can’t figure out our television or telephones but you can’t have everything.  Happy Birthday Dad.

One response to “Happy Birthday

  1. Wow! What an example. May we all live to be 93 and still have not only the ability to learn but the desire. I agree with your aunt and your Father-in-Law is living proof!

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