A day in the life

Yesterday was a good day.  It started out like all days do . . . with me at the computer writing, cup of coffee in hand.  Thank God for coffee . . . oh we covered that already. Sorry . . . if you don’t know what I’m talking about read the older posts. It will all make sense.  Then I sit down to write. I’m sure you are waiting at your computers with your coffee in hand . . . waiting . . . waiting . . . for the pearls of wisdom for the day.  Well, they may not be pearls.  I have a feeling they are little plastic balls. The kinds kids use to snap together and make jewelry.

After inspiring the masses I made breakfast and got some of my real work done (I do have a job – even if it is at this computer – at home – with father in law blasting CNN). After lunch I wrap up my stuff here, stop to see some clients, head to the parents house. It was Friday. On Friday my sainted sister (more about her in another blog) goes straight from her day job to her other job at the restaurant she and her equally sainted husband have.  I’m not being facetious when I say sainted.  They live with my parents. Their places are waiting in heaven. Where was I . . . It was Friday so I spend the later part of the afternoon with the folks, feed them, do the dishes . . . then I go to meet my wonderful husband and his 93-year-old dad for dinner. (do you see a pattern – old parents – 93-year-old father-in-law) It was my father-in-laws birthday so we went to a great little Italian restaurant in Lansdale for dinner.  I need to add a restaurant review page to let you know how good the food was. Perhaps tomorrow or next week. But if you want to know the name of the restaurant it was Ristorante Toscano on Broad Street.  EXCELLENT!! We went there because my niece’s son (on my ex husbands side of the family) was playing there. Not playing cards, playing music . . . very good music.  As soon as dinner was done I ran out, leaving my husband with his Dad, some of my x in-laws and the check. Next stop, a shower at my x-sister in laws house for my other nieces baby sprinkle (not a shower a sprinkle – there is a difference). I have really great x-in laws. I enjoy spending time with them.

I then came home to the guys watching a show about Judy Garland.  I love Judy Garland.  Ok . . .  I’m really too young (thank God I’m too young for something) to remember her in the movies or on TV but I did see her on the late, late  shows when I got old enough to watch them and I was terrorized every year as a child by the Wizard of Oz. Dad was falling asleep and snoring . . . it was loud enough to drown out the TV.  That’s loud.

On Monday, Dads 5 week visit is over. The volume on the TV goes back to normal and life returns to the usual chaos. I will miss him.  I won’t have as much material to write about, maybe. . .

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