My garden has gone insane this year I’m…

My garden has gone insane this year. I’m not sure if it’s just that the weather was optimal. I did get the vegetables that like cooler weather in earlier this year but still, this is insane.  The peas are 8 feet tall. Not the peas themselves – the plants. This isn’t Jack and the, never mind that was a beanstalk.

We had spinach coming out our ears for about 6 weeks and we can’t eat all the lettuce.  We are still getting leaf lettuce and the romaine is huge. The refrigerator is crammed with beans, snow peas and lettuce.

The cucumber vines have spread all over. These were supposed to be bush cucumbers – not.  I think that right before I go plant shopping someone with a sick sense of humor sneaks in and changes the labels on the plants.

Now lets talk about zucchini plants that are as round as my kitchen table. In a couple of weeks I’ll be standing on street corners begging people to take my zucchini please.  I know that the real reason the kids don’t come for Sunday dinner in the summer is that they get so sick of squash. I bet I have 100 squash recipes.

I suspect that the garden is on steroids.  That miracle grow that my husband worked into the soil was laced with some supper potent steroid that the government is secretly testing. My lord, it’s only June! By the end of the summer the garden will look like Sleeping Beauty’s castle after the gardeners were asleep for 50 years or so.

I better get outside and work before it’s completely overgrown.

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