Does drinking improve quality of life?

Last night my husband told me he had read an article on Yahoo that said that people who drink alcohol live longer than people who don’t.  That seems right to me. The oldest person I know is a lovely 96-year-old woman who drank and smoked most of her life.  I must make one comment about the smoking – she always said she didn’t inhale.  Really, she said that all the time. I think that she had the cigarette in her hand because in the old days all the glamorous movie stars had cigarettes in their hands. So since she didn’t inhale lets just say she drank.

I felt I needed confirmation of this monumental, life affirming information so off to the computer I went. Well, I couldn’t find it.  Was he dreaming?  The only thing I could find from yesterday was an article about moderate drinking improving life quality.

I can buy this.  My lovely 96-year-old lady had a good quality of life.  She had more fun than most people I know. Which leads me to a story.  The first time I got married (I’ve only been married twice)  I had a little bachelorette party. The lovely lady I have been talking about was there.  She was in her late 50’s at the time.  Now picture this. She is out on the town albeit a small town with a bunch of younger women. She is up dancing. She’s at the bar with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other looking glamorous.  SHE is the one who had the men hitting on her. SHE is the one that had some poor man so enamoured that he picked up the tab for the ENTIRE group for the evening.  Now I must note that she did not do anything out of line at all.  She was a married woman and did not lead anyone on. She was just being her fun self.  So maybe she got to be 96 because she knew how to enjoy life. Maybe that is the lesson here. Enjoy life and you will live longer . . . and a drink or two might not hurt . . . as long as you are not driving:)

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