What do I want to be on Thursday?

Most of our lives other people try to tell us how to act and what to do and who to be.  First it’s parents, then teachers. Next it’s our peers, and before long it’s a spouse and finally our own children.

I had a birthday earlier this week which got me to reflecting.  Are we doomed to be defined by what other people think and feel?  I don’t buy into that.  One of the nice things about getting more . . . mature (note I didn’t say older) is that you discover that what other people think isn’t all that important.

After years of trial and error I can now say with certainty that we can re-invent ourselves at any time.  This discovery was quite empowering.  I found out that the person you have to please is yourself.  And if  you are indeed pleasing yourself you are a happier person who is better for the people you love.

Life is good.

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