Things to do in the rain.

According to the Weather Channel, Saturday and Sunday look like they will wash outs for outdoor activities.  I won’t mind a little rain.  The garden could really use it.  Two things we did with our grandson last weekend could fit the bill for some of you.

The movies are always an option.  We don’t go very often anymore.  With big screen TV’s and surround sound we end up waiting for things to come out “on demand”.  Having said that, actually going to the movies is still a nice experience and somehow the kids behave and sit still in a dark theater.  They never seem able to sit still at home.

There are three movies for kids out right now. Madagascar 3, Brave and Ice Age: Continental Drift.  All the kid flicks seem to have a little bit of rude comedy these days.  A lot of the jokes are directed more at the grown-ups who are taking the kids to the movies. I guess they need some way of getting us to pay the price. It’s easy to drop over $50.00 for 2 adults and 2 kids to go see a movie.  I digress, I’m sounding old. Never mind.

The sequel is alive and well with the Amazing Spider Man and The Dark Night Rises. Spider Man actually got good reviews from fans and critics alike.  There were a lot of comments that this one was truer to the original comic books.   I haven’t read any reviews of Bat Man, but 97% of the “Tweets” were positive.

If you don’t want a day at the movies Giggleberry Fair in Peddlers Village is always an option for little ones.  My 3 year old grandson loved it last weekend.  What’s not to like? We road the carousel and he got to ride a lion! Then he played a dinosaur game and had ice cream. It’s not expensive and it’s indoors.

Have a great weekend. 

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