The Anal Retentive Chef

The first time my husband and I cooked together was when we were dating.  We were making tabouli.  He assigned me the job of chopping the parsley.  I wanted to use a food processor.  He looked appalled at the suggestion and explained how it is much better to chop by hand – more control over size and texture. OK!

A few months later we were watching Saturday Night Live. Phil Hartman’s “The Anal Retentive Chef” came on.  The room was dark so at first the dear man didn’t see my inappropriate giggle. Soon the giggle turned into a full blown church laugh.  A “church laugh” is the silent kind where your whole body shakes and tears come out of your eyes.  One can only hope to experience a “church laugh” at a funeral. That way the people around you will think you are overcome with emotion as you put your face in your hands and look like you are sobbing. They won’t know you are being completely sophomoric.

More on men in the kitchen in another post.

For now – enjoy an episode of “The Anal Rentive Chef”


2 responses to “The Anal Retentive Chef

  1. I certainly know what a “church laugh”. My best friend from grade school can readily attest to that. However, I never heard this term…love it!

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