And a word from the younger generation. . .

This is a story from one of my beautiful nieces. I bet many of you can relate!

I am the grocery shopper in my family. I cut coupons, I read the weekly circulars, and scope out the best deals., Every once in a while, I send my dear husband to the store. Now, don’t get me wrong he doesn’t do any of the planning…I still cut coupons, and prepare a written list for him. A specific list. An anal identify the quantity, brand, and even ounce size type list. Then, I present him the list and explain that you have to get x, y, and z in order for the CAT machine to spit out the magical $1 coupons that we all know and love.

So, last night was one of those nights where I just didn’t feel like going. I made the list, and was excited because I was receiving $8 back in coupons, plus a free gallon of milk. I have also been shopping at Acme in hopes of winning their $1 million summer sweepstakes, so I have marked certain products that give the coveted golden tickets.

When he walked in the door last night he handed me the receipt, and NONE of the $8 I was expecting in coupons. Also, he only collected 3 measly tickets. (I typically receive 16-20 on a visit)

What went wrong? He didn’t follow my list. He got a little of this and little of that. Why do we need 2 boxes of oatmeal, he only got 1. He got 6 hard as a rock PEARS instead of 6 locally grown, delicious in season peaches. He got chobani champions yogurt instead of individual sized yogurt. He spent $10.69 on a bag of coffee, and when I went to put it on I looked at the bag and saw it was DECAF!

Lesson learned – never let a man do a woman’s job.

Question – Did he f everything up on purpose so I got mad and never send him back???


2 responses to “And a word from the younger generation. . .

  1. Yes, he took the same class as my “husband shopper” excelled in- Fifty ways to convince your wife that grocery shopping should never be on a honey do list 101. There’s also a graduate level course for those whose wives still persist in sending them on the dreaded grocery store mission.

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