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Julie and Romeo by Jeanne Ray

Looking for a little candy for your mind?  Get yourself a copy of Jeanne Ray’s Julie and Romeo.  A play on the Romeo and Juliet theme frames this delightful tale. For decades the Cacciamani and Roseman families have been mortal enemies, but no one seems to remember why. Perhaps it is because  they are business rivals, each family owning a floral shop in the local town. When a romance develops between widower Romeo Cacciamani and divorcee, Juliet Roseman, an amusing parade of family members on both sides are determined to separate the two lovers.  Witty dialogue and hilarious situations keep you entertained from beginning to end.  Although I read this book several years ago, it had an unforgettable quality and I’m always confident that others will find it as enjoyable as I did. If you find yourself falling in love with these families, there’s a sequel, Julie and Romeo Get Lucky, that you can enjoy as well.  A word of caution… If you are reading this in a public place, keep your distance from others. You don’t want to embarrass yourself when you laugh out loud.  Enjoy!

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