Parrot Heads Rejoice

Last night we were watching the news.  There was Jimmy Buffett with Gov. Christie to announce the plans for a “Margaritaville” in Atlantic City.  I’m sure that Parrot Heads all over the northeast coast are rejoicing in the knowledge that they won’t have to go to Key West or other points south to waste away again.

My husband commented that the song “Margaritaville” was over 40 years old.  He told me it came out in 1970.  I of course didn’t question his sage wisdom . . . until this morning.

I started to think about his Dad, that dear 93 year old. Dad has a habit of making proclamations that sound so convincing that you never question the veracity. The reality is that a good percentage of what dear old Dad says is just bull.  If he “thinks” something “might be” true he waxes on eloquently with all the made up back up of the Nation Enquirer.

I am one to do my research. The song “Margaritaville” didn’t come out till 1977.  I’m beginning to think that sounding authoritative about any and all topics may be genetic. Arggg . . . wonder what else I need to check?

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