Stretch Armstrong Syndrome

For a while now, I always feel like I’m playing catch up.  It seems to consistently be two steps forward, 3 back.  Everyday I have this list of things that I really want to do. Life just gets in the way.

Does anyone remember the Stretch Armstrong doll? It was out years ago.  Kids could pull on the arms and legs and they would stretch way out of proportion. If you put it down and leave if alone for a while it goes back into its normal shape.  I think that many people in my age group are suffering from Stretch Armstrong Syndrome.  It’s so prevalent that it should be classified a mid-age disorder. You wake up in the morning feeling ok, albeit sore from the aching joints that were pulled and stretched the day before. You sit down to have your coffee with a clear head and a plan for the day.  Then the detours begin.  Someone grabs a foot, oh no, the leg is getting stretched. Now an arm, crap, I’m limping from a stretched leg and the knuckles on one arm are scraping the floor like a Neanderthal.

I better get back to my list before the limping begins and I’m 4 steps back!



One response to “Stretch Armstrong Syndrome

  1. What a perfect metaphor. I loved old Stretch Armstrong. He lived in our home for years, until one of the kids decided to perform a little surgery on him. Stretch Armstrong oozing “blood” (or whatever you call the sticky red substance that comprised his innards) was not a pretty sight and it was his demise in our home. Moral…it’s okay to stretch a little–just don’t let anyone inflict a mortal wound!

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