More Tails from the Dog Side

Our dog McDuff also known as Duffer can sometimes appear to be not that smart.  You tell him to come . . . he just looks at you.  My husband says that Duff is a smart dog, he is just stubborn.  HMMMM, he did graduate from puppy kindergarten and he has a little trophy to prove it.

Every morning Duff barks bright and early but when you go and open the crate he just lays there and Bailey gets up and runs to the door.  What’s with that? I finally came to the conclusion that when Bailey needs to go out Duff barks. In dog language he’s saying “for Gods sake, let Bailey out before he pee’s on me”.  Alright, that may be an indication of intelligence. When we want Duff to get up, and he’s being the lazy dog that he is, all we have to do is say “where’s the squirrel?”.  Duff comes running like a bat out of hell, barking the entire way.  This can mean one of two things. Either he is smart because he knows the word squirrel or he is dumb as doggie dirt for falling for the same trick day after day.

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