Tails from the Dog side continue . . .

In keeping with this weeks theme . . . a story about one of our Grand-dogs.  When my youngest son was in college he got a dog.  We said, don’t get a dog. We have 2 dogs in the house already. You can’t bring another dog home with you when you graduate.  His listened real well and when he graduated he and Pete moved home and into the basement.  Thank God we had the basement finished into an apartment otherwise that dog would have wreaked havoc on the entire house.

Pete was still a pup albeit, a big pup, part Lab and part, who knows, American Bull Dog or something.  He is cute. He is white with a big black circle over one eye, viola, his name Pete, after the dog in the Little Rascals. Brian tried to tell me that his dog, unlike my two little dogs, would be a great watch dog and I would be glad to have him around.

Back then Pete was not trustworthy. He would chew or pull apart anything in his reach if he wasn’t in his crate.  On occasion, Brian would be running late coming home from work so I would let Pete out.  Pete never left the property so I didn’t have to worry about him.  Let that pup out and a few minutes later he was back at the door.  One evening, I let Pete out and he didn’t come back right away.  It was just before Christmas. I felt this sense of panic.  Oh crap, Brian will think I lost his dog on purpose. I run outside calling Pete . . . Pete. No Pete! There was a UPS truck at the end of the drive.  For a second I thought that watchdog Pete had absconded with the UPS man.  The poor man must have been dragged into the woods by the protective beast.  To my relief the UPS man got out of his truck when he heard me calling for the dog.  He told me that Pete was in the driveway when he pulled up.  He had gotten out of the truck and put a package at the back door.  When the scaredy cat, I mean dog, saw him he ran and hid behind the garage.  Some watch dog he turned out to be!

2 responses to “Tails from the Dog side continue . . .

  1. I love this story about my boy! A tough guy he is not! It’s funny to know how sweet he really is but then watch people cross the street to avoid having to go near him because of his size. He just a big baby.

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