Tails from the Dog Side – a Manly Beast?

My middle child and eldest son always wanted a dog.  He loved all the dogs in the neighborhood. His favorite seemed to be his friend John’s dog, Pete.  When he was five his brother was born.  He grumbled for weeks saying “I don’t understand, I asked for a puppy and they got me a baby”! He even wanted to name the baby Pete in honor of Johns Dog.  That didn’t happen.

Time goes by and my husband and I got two little Cairn Terriers. Hey, second marriage, kids are gone, for the most part, so we got a couple of furry kids.  Middle child teases that they are not “real dogs” they are little. When he gets a dog it will be a manly dog!

Yesterday I told you about the youngest son’s dog, Pete.  Funny, his brother wanted to name him Pete and now he has a dog named Pete.  On paper, Pete is a manly dog. Mind you, I said on paper.  Pete is not the bravest and runs away from strangers but he is large and that makes him appear manly.

Middle child finally got his dog a few years back thanks to his lovely wife. Her parents dog had puppies and viola, they got one of the pups.  Her name is Chloe (the dog, not my beautiful daughter in law). She is very cute and about half the size of my dogs.  My son, who thought my dogs were not manly enough now has a little white “purse puppy” that he is totally in love with.  He hates going anywhere without the dog.  He works from home sometimes to keep Chloe company. He treats her more like a daughter than a dog.

I have to remember this the next time the kids tell us the dogs are not their brothers.

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