My Garden Runneth Over . . . into the kitchen

Tis the season.  My garden runneth over. What to do with all those string beans, squash and tomatoes, a basket every day!  The tomatoes we use for sauce and make enough for the winter.

I’ve gotten into canning this year.  Thank the Lord we have an extra refrigerator.  It is loaded with dill pickles, pickled string beans, pickled peppers, pickled vegetables of all sorts plus jars of fruit jams.

In addition to the canning, I’ve been cooking like crazy. I’ve made vats of tomato sauce for the winter and enough lasagna to feed an army.

I get a little obsessed with whatever the project of the moment is.  I’m not sure if that is good or bad.  All I know is that if there is a hurricane, earthquake, major snow or some other natural disaster, we could live on the stuff I’ve canned and frozen for a month.

Getting obsessive with projects keeps my mind off of other things. I can control the kitchen. I can’t control my parents. I’ve avoided blogging about geriatric hell of late because it was driving me crazy.  The parents want things their way even when their way is not in their best interest.  So as the flames from geriatric hell climb higher I decided instead of letting them burn my ass – I’d just cook on them!

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