I never know what I’m going to write when I sit down at the computer in the morning.  I’ll be getting my first cup of coffee and venting to myself about all the things that have me agitated.  Now I’m ready to sit down and spew my angst into cyber space. The words are fresh and flow eloquently from my groggy brain.  I sit down at the computer and what’s this? I’m no longer logged on to my blog site! Ahh, last night I had to restart the blasted computer. I click sign in and after three attempts realize that I clicked the wrong sign in. I’m trying to sign in to google. Duhhh! Ok, find the correct sign in prompt. What? Wrong password? Now the family angst and other stuff is pushed from the forefront of my brain to the deep recesses of “what the . . . .”

How many passwords do we all have on this new planet in cyber space? How many times do we change them to be safe?  Which ones are case-sensitive? Which ones need 5 letters and at least one number and oh yea, one symbol? After several attempts and abject fear that I would be locked out due to too many attempts I’m here, I’m typing.  What was it I was so worked up about before my coffee?

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