Messing with my comfort zone.

It has always made me a wee bit crazed when I walk into a store that I am well acquainted with . . . and they moved everything.  Grocery stores doing that are at the top of my list.  I know what I need. I want to get in and out quickly so what do they do? Every now and then they do something awful. They move everything. I think elves do it at night. Not nice little Santa elves, rather, nasty little mischievous elves.  One day, God’s in his heaven and all is right with the world. Next day, you can’t find a darn thing.  I had gotten comfortable and complacent. The store elves had not pulled any of their nasty tricks in a while.  My first clue that they were about was a few weeks back.  I stopped into Chico’s and headed straight back to the left hand corner of the Warrington Store where all the sale racks have always been.  Gone, moved, what . . . ? I did the unthinkable. I left without buying anything. Next, I was in Doylestown and Genuardi’s was no more!  It was some other store that I was completely unfamiliar with.  Didn’t even go in.  Left the parking lot feeling somewhat bewildered. Oh well, there is still one in Chalfont on the way home from Mom and Dad’s. I’ll hit that one in a day or two.  Pulled into the Chalfont shopping center in time to see the Genuardi’s sign down and a Giant sign going up.  I have nothing against Giant.  Giant is the only grocery store in close proximity to my house.  (I live in Bumflucksville as my boys call it – but they don’t put the l after the f) There were things I could find in Genuardi’s that I couldn’t find in other stores.  They had a delightful fig spread that my husband loves over warm brie.  They had a huge assortment of herbs in tubes in the refrigerator section. They had lemon grass, ginger, chili pepper, dill along with the usual cilantro and basil.  Other stores only carry the cilantro and basil.  I’m bummed.  Not only have the damn elves moved the stores around now they changed the names and products.  I don’t like change. My comfort zone is peeved.

One response to “Messing with my comfort zone.

  1. Who can’t relate to these feelings? At least I know have a heads up about Chicos. Thanks for sharing that.

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