A word from the younger generation . . . Breaking the grocery store rules

This is a follow-up on my post about Genuardi’s from on of my beautiful nieces.  I think you will like it as much as I did.

The rule is – I don’t go to Wegman’s after 8 a.m. on the weekends. The parking lot becomes overcrowded, and it seems like every person from the tri-state area begins to swarm like bees in the place. Yesterday I broke the rules. I was planning to go to Genuardi’s, pulled in the parking lot only to find out that it was closed. For good. So, it was a Wegman’s trip for me. For some reason, it was not as crowded as I expected.  I found a good parking spot, and was in and out rather quickly for an eleven o’clock Sunday morning. As I began pushing my grocery cart towards my car, I noticed there were still parking spots available. But, one silver car decided that my parking spot was the ideal one for him. I pushed my cart up against my trunk, and figured once this guy saw I had a child to put in the car as well as my absurdly large order he would look for another spot. No.  This silver Subaru decided to wait. My son threw a small fit proclaiming, “It’s too hot, put me in the air,” before I could even lift the first of the 50 bags to throw in the trunk. I barely got him out of the cart because he was arching his back in full meltdown mode, and began buckling him in his seat. I figured this had to scare the silver Subaru middle aged man away. Nope – there he was conveniently waiting about a parking spot ½ with his left blinker flashing waiting for my spot. Then, I began slugging my bags in the trunk. And, the thought occurred to me…I think this guy was actually entertained by watching a poor, hot, sweaty mother deal with her child, and unpack groceries. So, I slowed down my frantic pace and for once in my mom life slowed down to turtle speed. If this guy was willing to wait for a parking spot when there were free ones in the lot, then I was going to make it worth his wait time.  I finished putting the last gallon of water in the back seat, then wheeled the cart back to its home. I got in my car, pulled out, honked my horn and waved to the middle-aged silver Subaru. I sure hope he enjoyed watching a mother do her daily work.

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