Did you hear what I meant?

I’m reading a book right now.  “Maine” is by J. Courtney Sullivan. This is not a book review, I leave them to Reada, this is an observation.  The story is told by several women in the same family. Quite often they will be talking about the same incident.  It’s interesting to read how each person perceives what was said and what happened differently. I wonder how often what I say comes out wrong or is heard as something other than what I meant.  I wonder how many times my feelings have been hurt by the words or actions of others when I was actually misinterpreting the situation.  How often do we read a meaning into another persons comments that is not really there?  I’m sure that I do that. I could spare myself endless suffering and hurt feelings if I didn’t over analyze things. And, I’m sure that I’m taken wrong at times. Things don’t always come out the way I meant them to.  Maybe I need to give my Mother a break.  Maybe she doesn’t mean all the things she says . . . maybe.

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