Reality Bites

Back to reality. A few days at the beach and you start to get accustomed to being a little more laid back.  It’s easy to get used to being able to read whenever you want and not have any pressing responsibilities.  The biggest decision . . . do we walk or drive to the beach. Don’t get me wrong. It’s great to be home.  I love home.  I love having my coffee in the morning and looking out at the garden.  I love the beautiful array of birds at the bird feeder.  What . . . those darn rabbits are trying to get under the fence to my vegetables . . . what . . . the dogs are barking like maniacs because they see the birds and a squirrel in the yard.  Oh crap, I have a couple of loads of laundry to do, editing to do, photo’s to process, phone calls and follow ups to take care of AND Mom has a doctor’s appointment today.  I better make my list quick.  No list, and I’ll never stay on track.  Take me back to the beach.

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