Waking up behind the 8 ball and other stuff

We are having new counters put in today so the minute I woke up I was behind the 8 ball.  They said they would be here in the morning and would call an hour before they arrive.  Morning can be anywhere from 8 to 12.  My husband was up by 7:30 and ready to tackle the jobs of the day.  By 7:45 he was peeking in the bedroom door to see if I was up yet.  So good wife that I try to be, I rolled out of bed, made breakfast and put off writing till we were ready for the installers to arrive. I did the dishes and turned the dishwasher on.  Hubby was appalled that I turned on the dishwasher. Honey, I said, It’s ok. They haven’t called yet. We have an hour from the time they call. The dishes will be finished.  I had to convince my husband that he could relax and have his second cup of coffee. It’s hard to get a man on a mission to relax.  Well, I had best get back to work before I’m behind the 8 ball  with no chance to sink the 7 or the 5. Wouldn’t want to scratch and have the whole day go to hell in a hand basket.  You know I need to find out where that expression came from. Anyhow, next week will be more of Geriatric Hell South and other stuff. High on the list is why do old people toot at will?

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