Christmas . . . really?

When I came back from vacation, right after Labor Day, I went to Costco for a few things.  The Christmas wrapping paper and other holiday items were out . . . already.  The Halloween things have been picked over. They’ve been out since just after the Fourth of July.  Please, time is going all too fast as it is, don’t rush the seasons. I like each season, each holiday, to have its own time.  I love holidays of all sorts and like to savor the flavor of each one.  From Memorial Day through Labor Day I don’t want to hear or see anything but wonderful, patriotic sappiness, smell barbeques, enjoy family picnics and get to the beach.  When September hits, then tell me about Halloween. Let me enjoy the first hint of cool air after hot summer nights. Give me weeks to figure out Halloween costumes and carve pumpkins. Allow me the sights and smells of fall, the crisp apples, the crunch of leaves under my feet and the smell of pumpkin pie in the oven as I prepare for Thanksgiving.  Don’t rush Christmas.  Let me have my Thanksgiving and be immersed in all the things that I am so grateful for.  Then, when the dishes are done, the Turkey is digesting and there is not a crumb of pumpkin pie left, then, I will think about Christmas.  Don’t rush Christmas, don’t rush the seasons, please, don’t rush life.

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