Making Lists

When I have more to do than I have time to do it, I make lists.  Sometimes my lists are so detailed it’s a wonder I don’t have “brush teeth” on there.  There are days when lists the only way for me to stay on task. The problem is that I’ve become a Jack, or should I say a Jill, of all trades. I work at home. What do I do? Advertising, graphic design, photography, painting, drawing, greeting cards. As much as I hate thinking about Christmas, I need to get my “Happy Holidays” greeting cards ready to deliver to the store.  I need to send reminders out to clients that their holiday advertising is due to the publications early October. That means I need to come up with the concepts and they need to get me their content. That’s my part-time job. Then there is the volunteer job which is writing (with a wonderful team) and directing (with an equally wonderful team) amateur theater. Right now, I’m trying to get a painting done and ready to deliver next week.  I have a meeting with my directing team this evening to work on editing. Then there is parent duty a couple of days a week, house, hubby, three dogs, kids and grandkids. I like to compartmentalize. Today is greeting card day, tomorrow is advertising day, next day is work on the show day, another day is painting day. It just doesn’t work like that.  So when all the “stuff” starts to overlap, I make lists. Today, the stars have aligned in such a manner that all the jobs big and small need attention. This Jill of all trades had better stop blogging and start making the list!

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