Thank the lord . . . new shows on TV

I’m not a huge TV person but I am really glad the new fall shows are finally going to be on television.  It seems that every year the reruns start earlier and the new shows come on later.  Am I imagining that? Perhaps it feels that way because the summer Television fare is a vast wasteland of brainless junk. It seems the only thing to watch lately has been HGTV and public television.  One more episode of House Hunters and I’ll scream.  Last night we watched Leonard Cohen on public television.  It was yet another fund-raising drive.  I feel like every time I go to watch that station – it’s another fun raising drive – 2 minutes of the show – 5 minutes of give us money. And then there are those reality game shows that I just flip right past.  People dressed in strange outfits trying to get through obstacle courses that look like giant mouse traps. Really? I’m not saying that the regular fall season is that much better but at least there are some new things to check out and the good old night-time soaps like Greys Anatomy and Private Practice to get into. I’m a sucker for family shows. I’ll admit it, I liked the Walton’s. Parenthood is one of the shows I like and I know my husband wouldn’t like. I’m very grateful to the person that come up with DVR.  I set the DVR to record the shows that we like at the beginning of the week then watch them whenever we want.  We can watch the things we like together and I save the ones hubby doesn’t like for later. And On Demand has saved my soul at times. When my darling is watching yet another episode of Antiques Roadshow I can head to another room to watch something else. So welcome the cool air at night and the new shows on TV. Soon we’ll be in front of a blazing fire flipping channels and wondering where the summer went.

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