Music . . . sometimes it puts things in perspective.

I’ve written before about Liz Longley.  She is a young singer songwriter who writes music that really strikes a chord in your soul. I have several of her CD’s and play them in the car . . . a lot.  When I first heard the song, “When you’ve got troubles, I’ve got troubles too”, I assumed it was about a couple. A few months back, we went to see her perform and she talked about writing that song and the reaction when she first played it for her parents. The more I listen to the lyrics the more I can see that it applies to so many relationships. Perhaps a parent to grown children or from one dear friend to another. Maybe, one sibling to another. Whatever the relationship the sentiments are universal and touching.

On this lovely, bright and crisp Tuesday morning, give a listen. Maybe you will think about someone you care about and give them a call or perhaps you will realize that there are people out there that always hold good thoughts for you. Pick up the phone or forward this song to them. Play it forward. Make sure that the people in your life know that they are never alone.


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