I’m in love!

There was no blog yesterday because I was busy falling in love with the new man in my life.  He doesn’t have much hair. He has no teeth. He’s the most handsome, beautiful and amazing 5 lb 6 oz guy I’ve ever seen.

I woke up yesterday morning to the phone ringing before 7 am.  Usually, that is not a good sign. It was my equally handsome, beautiful and amazing son calling to tell me that they were at the hospital and the baby was on the way.  First reaction, panic, it’s four weeks early! Next reaction, get to the hospital! Finally, gratitude, my wonderful daughter in law and the baby are doing great.  My son is such a lucky man.

For anyone who thinks you can’t love anyone as much as you love your own children, it’s not true.  All four of our grandchildren have completely stolen my heart. Getting to experience life again through the eyes of the young is a joy.  Watching them experience the firsts is a gift.  Seeing the look of wonder on their tiny face when they discover something new is pure joy.  And watching your children become parents and seeing that absolutely unconditional love in their eyes when they look at their child, well, it’s too wonderful for words.

So, today I can tell you that my fickle heart has fallen deeply, madly in love once again. This time with a tiny, wonderful little man. Life is good.

5 responses to “I’m in love!

  1. Congratulation to you all, Kathy! In fact, just yesterday, I was thinking of you and wondering when your new grandchild would arrive. (Now, I can hardly wait for January).

  2. Congratulations, Kathy. Grandchildren really are a blessing. I agree that you couldn’t think you could love more than how you love your children until you have grandchildren. What did they name him?

  3. Life certainly is good when you have one of those wonderful “little men” in it. Heartfelt congratulations on your new love. So happy for you. Rita

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