Leaves in the yard.

The leaves are falling. It won’t be long before the trees are bare and the ground is covered.  My kids loved to jump in the leaves.  The home they grew up in did not have many trees with leaves.  Our front lawn had a big pine tree. The side lawn had a pin oak. You get my drift, not a lot of leaves for jumping.  One afternoon when my middle child was in kindergarten he went outside to play with his friend. Those were the days when you could let a 5-year-old go outside to play and felt safe. A little while later when I went outside to check on them I found my front lawn COVERED in a huge pile of leaves.  My industrious little man and his equally industrious friend had taken a big tarp and rake from the shed, gone to the neighbors and asked if they could rake their leaves.  The neighbors were thrilled. Two little kids wanted to rake their leaves . . . for free. Anyhow, they brought all the leaves to my front lawn to jump on.  He was so proud. I’ll never forget that big smile.  Needless to say, the leaves stayed on the lawn and the memory has stayed in my heart.

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