When life imitates art? Health food? Junk food?

I can’t keep on top of what’s good for you and what will kill you.  Take coffee for example.  For a while researchers said coffee was bad for you. Then they said, never mind, coffee is good for you.  Same thing with chocolate.  Chocolate was bad for you now dark chocolate has wonderful health benefits.  Carbohydrates that’s a great example.  I remember when carbs were supposed to be good, give you energy.  Now there are good carbs and bad carbs. Let’s not forget fats. Good fats?  Bad fats? There was “Atkins” – no carbs, high protein, eat meat, eat eggs.  Now there is “Eat to Live” – no animal protein, no sugar, no caffeine . . . I’m so confused. All of this reminds me of “Sleeper”, one of Woody Allen’s quirky movies of the early 70’s.  Take a look at this clip and enjoy!


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