Barking Dogs

I love my dogs . . . . really . . . . but when the youngest starts barking to go out at 6 AM I am not a happy camper.  And 6 AM is good. For a while he was barking at 4 or 5 to go out.  We were diligent and worked with him stretching him out a little longer each day till he could go till 7 or 7:30. A few blissful days he slept till almost 8. Then we went on vacation.  He took advantage of the dog sitter.  He cried when she put him in the crate with the other dogs at night. She felt sorry for him and let him sleep with her.  Not good.  The minute he whimpered he got his way.  Not good. Now we have been home for two weeks and he is still not back on schedule.  I think he is punishing us for going away.  Good God dog! It was only 3 days!  He was a rescue dog and has abandonment issues.  Maybe he needs a puppy shrink.  We can all go sit on the couch and he can lay out spread eagle with a pathetic look on his face and some dog whisper will understand his pain and translate it to the world. But . . . will he sleep past 6 AM?

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