I need to watch nice shows so I don’t have nightmares

I used to watch nice shows like The Walton’s. I bet nobody got nightmares from “goodnight John Boy, goodnight Mama”.  Well maybe the grandfather was a bit disturbing but I’m digressing as usual.  Here is my problem. First you must know that we DVR everything and watch it whenever we want.  So last night we watched Last Resort and Revolution right before going to bed. I woke up this morning in a cold sweat. I’d been dreaming of people with guns and wild animals ripping apart other animals on my front lawn. It was very disturbing and kind of merge between those two shows. If we had watched re-runs of The Walton’s or something like Dancing with the Stars I could have gone to sleep and not had bad dreams, maybe.  What if John Boy was on Dancing with the Stars?  What if he was the emergency replacement for Maks after Maks injured himself doing those daring dance moves with Kirstie Alley. John Boy and Kirstie make it to the final round. Who knew John Boy could dance?!? Kirstie is so crestfallen when they come in second that she goes and lives in on the Walton Family farm. They turn tragedy into triumph by turning the farm into a retirement home for old injured dance contestants.  Success at last. Maks, Kirstie and John Boy find their spot in the sun at last. Next disturbing thought – Senior Bachelor Pad . . . Arggg.

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