Winter Clothes . . . Summer Clothes . . . That is the question

Last week at this time we were stacking wood and getting winter clothes out of the attic.  Temperatures had been below normal all week. The freeze / frost warning had us out in the garden picking all of what was left of the produce from the summer.  Over the week the temperatures slowly climbed and now the forecast for next week is back to the 70’s for most of the week.  I’m not complaining . . . but . . . vent I shall. Spring and fall is the great clothing swap.  Summer or winter clothes come out of storage and then it’s time to say goodbye to the waning season by sorting and packing all the clothing and putting it away till next year.  Thanks to the seesawing weather there are large bins of winter clothes stacked in the bedroom and no place to put the sweaters and turtlenecks because the summer clothes are still in the closet.  Just as I was ready to start packing them up . . . warm again. So today, in spite of the warming trend in the weather forecast, I will start packing up all the summer clothes.  I’ll get the Goodwill bag ready with all the summer stuff that I didn’t wear this season. I’ll leave a few things out in case it get’s really warm. Then I’ll sort the winter clothes. In the process I’ll get rid of some of those as well. It’s that old “why did I keep that ugly thing?” or “what was I thinking when I bought that?”.  About a week or so from now, when everything is put away I’ll go to look for an old, favorite, comfy sweater on a brisk autumn evening . . . oh crap . . . I gave it to Goodwill.

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