And God said . . . let there be light, or not

Last week was a very long week.  The first clue that Sandy was going to be a bad storm, other than the predictions on the television, was the dog alert. Before the storm even hit our youngest dog stopped eating. It was almost as if he was saying “the weather is going to be bad and I’m not going out in it”. The middle one would eat but didn’t want to go out . . . we all know what happens then. Duff is the oldest dog. He is a Cairn Terrier and looks exactly like Toto in the Wizard of Oz. At the hight of the wind he was trying to hide in the basement.  This had me a bit concerned. I told my husband that if Toto was trying to hide in the basement perhaps we should heed the warning and go the basement. When the lights went out on Monday we were prepared for a day or so without power.  Buckets of water were lined up in the bathrooms. With a well – no electric, no water. Bottles of water were here for drinking.  We had candles and the wood stove keeps the main part of the house warm. We were in no way prepared to have no electric for a week.  Thanks to my husband friend Jerry, who let us use his generator, the food in the refrigerator and freezers were ok.  We had spent the summer cooking and freezing the produce from our garden.  The thought of loosing all those hours of labor had me a bit distressed.  I had serious computer withdrawal which was topped only by no running water.  We visited very kind family members and took showers at their house.  My parents home had no power either.  My Dad was in the hospital and could not be released to a home without power so at least he was being taken care of. Mom (87) was a basket case. She spent a few days at my brothers but couldn’t use the stairs to go get in a bed or shower. By friday I was starting to feel like enough was enough but then we went to my sons and I saw TV for the first time.  With no television or radio I had no idea just how bad the storm had been. Yes I saw the trees down in our area, the roads closed, the homes damaged. When I saw devastation in New York and New Jersey I just counted my blessings. My heart broke for the people who had lost loved ones. I was deeply touched by the stories of loss and the stories of heroism.  It didn’t matter that there were no lights or running water. My family was fine. We still had our each other. We still had our homes. What else could anyone want or need.

Attached is the link to the American Red Cross. We can all help in some small way.

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