Holiday Shopping . . . arggggg . . . .

When my kids were little this was the time of year that the nightmares would begin.  All would be well. I would fall asleep and then wake up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding. In my dream it would be Christmas morning. The kids were all excited to get down stairs to see what Santa brought . . . but I forgot to shop.  I had this same dream for years.  In all the years of raising kids I never forgot to shop but somehow I was terrified of letting them down.  I still have some mild anxiety where the holidays are concerned.  You know that feeling, always being slightly behind the 8 ball.  I have this thing. It’s a wierd thing. I can’t start decorating till I have started shopping. The sight of all the holiday decorations everywhere is making nervous.  It’s time to start shopping but . . . where to start.  I hate buying for the sake of buying. If someone actually needs something I feel better about buying it. Wandering around a store looking for something, anything, just to have something to wrap makes me crazy. I need to get my naughty and nice list started.  I start with the nice. It’s easier to buy for the nice. And stocking stuffers, they are always left to the last minute, I’ll do a stocking stuffer list.  I would like to do as much shopping with local vendors as I can this year.  I invite you to share information about local stores and great gift ideas.

Here are a few to get started:

Chris’ Cottage at 38 W. Oakland in Doylestown is always top on my list.  Her selection of holiday ornaments, cards, candles, pillows and accessories is great. This is my #1 go to place for hostess gifts. She also carries home furnishings, art work and great vintage items.

The Hens Teeth is right next door to Chris and has some lovely jewely as well as clothing, including baby items.  Lisa has unique frames and a wide variety of items that would make great gifts.

Paint n’ Pottery is right across the street.  Take the kids and help them make something special for someone.  Handmade gifts are such a nice way to say I love you!

More to come.  Please share your tips and favorites.

One response to “Holiday Shopping . . . arggggg . . . .

  1. Wow! Really appreciate the shopping tips. I have to just go spend an afternoon in Doylestown and check out all the cool places.

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