There’s a new place in D’Town

The Moose was a fixture on East State Street for many years but now the Moose is no more. In its place is a very nice new place called “The Standard Club”. We had dinner there tonight with friends and I was very impressed. The food was excellent and the music sublime. Like the Moose, the Standard Club is a private social club for members and their guests. The similarities stop there. The Club states its mission as follows: The Standard Club is a unified community of members, focused on raising awareness and donating to those in need within Bucks County. I like that! A great atmosphere, a place to meet and share a meal with friends and support worthwhile charitable endeavors within the community. Food prices are extremely reasonable and it’s BYOB. Membership is only $50.00 a year plus a $10 registration fee and 50% of all member dues will be deposited into escrow for charity related events and/or contributions. All of this sounds like a win win to me. For more information contact the Standard Club at 215-348-9135.

5 responses to “There’s a new place in D’Town

  1. Do you know if, as part of its mission to serve those in need, the club will be hiring those with disabilities such as mental health challenges and such? I know that there was discussion of supporting community integration when the club was applying to transfer its liquor license, but I have not heard anything since then. Thanks!

  2. Thanks! I work for the local community mental health center and I know there are many folks who would love to have an opportunity to work! And if the Standard Club’s mission is to help people with challenges–that would definitely be a win-win!

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