The gift of time

Trying to figure out what gift to get for the older people in our lives can be challenging.  One year a while back, when the kids were young, we did a book of gift certificates for my parents.  The book included things like car washes, lawn cutting, excursions, etc. Each of us figured out what we could do with Grandmom and Pop Pop that they would appreciate or enjoy.  Another year I painted and wallpapered their bathroom with the assistance of my youngest son.  As the kids grew up they began to get their grandparents gift certificates for restaurants and they would go pick them up and have dinner or lunch with them.  Mom and Dad really enjoyed that one on one time with their grown grandchildren.  When the folks could no longer go out easily my middle child and his wife began picking up dinner and spending an evening with them.  My parents would talk for weeks about how much fun they had. So my suggestion to anyone trying to figure out what gift to get for an elderly person is give them some of your time.  It will be the best gift you can give to them and to yourself.

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