Send some Christmas Spirit . . . Please

Usually I love getting the house decorated for Christmas and all the stuff that goes along with it.  This year is a bit of a struggle.  I am haunted by ghosts of Christmas past. Now my ghosts of Christmas past are memories of happy times but it seems that whenever I start thinking about putting up a wreath or a centerpiece It hits me that someone very important is missing this year.  Dad won’t be at the head of the table.  My earliest memories of Christmas are of him bringing me to see the Christmas Tree on Christmas morning. Back in those days the tree went up and got decorated AFTER the kids went to bed.  “Santa” put up the tree complete with an entire village underneath and toys wrapped in bright colors.  I remember Dad standing in line for hours, holding me, waiting to see Santa.  Then, when we finally got got up there, I screamed my head off. I must have been three. You know, he told me that story every year in front of my kids, husband, whoever would listen! I would always act embarrassed and say “Oh Daddy, I’m _ _  years old! Are you still telling that story? I won’t hear it this year. Memories of Dad on the floor playing with all the grandchildren are some of my favorites. Back in the day he was right in the middle of all the toys with the grand kids climbing all over him like puppies. 

I can hear him now – you don’t have the decorations up yet! Get your ass in gear!  That was one his MANY colorful expressions.  Ok, ok, Pop! As soon as I’m done typing I’ll get my proverbial ass in gear.

I’m going to get the decorations out today so if you have any Christmas spirit to spare send some this way.

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