I Miss Piano Bars

A while back . . . OK a real while back, many of the area restaurants had “Piano Bars”. To me, a good old piano bar is much better than Karaoke.  With Karaoke, you never know if the song you pick to sing is the version you were thinking of or if it’s going to be in a key you can sing in and not make an utter fool out of yourself.  At a piano bar, with a really good pianist, you can pick a song that you know well, the pianist can pick up your key and . . . follow you. It’s a beautiful thing.  I did a Google search and there are not a lot of Piano Bars in the area.  There are some in New Hope.  It’s winter, I don’t want to drive that far. This used to be an art people!  And it was fun.  Even if you are not a singer you could get to sit, have a drink and enjoy some really good voices. OK yes, there were the Sinatra wanna be’s that couldn’t sing worth a darn and some women who had seen Cat’s one time too often (the tears when they sang “Memories” were not tears of joy) . . . but . . .  for the most part it was really enjoyable.  So people out there, please find me a piano bar or two, or three in the Doylestown vicinity.  Kindly post your finds.  I’m counting on you.  It’s winter.  It would be lovely to sit and enjoy some music this weekend . . . you have all week to find some . . .  help a girl out will ya . . . ahhh, I can hear the music now.

2 responses to “I Miss Piano Bars

  1. George Sinkler has a piano bar at LIMELIGHT in Doylestown on Tues nights. 7-10 i believe. You could do a double header and come to my open mic at MOMs that night too!!! 7-11. Have FUN

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