I got in the car this morning and…

I got in the car this morning and the alert system started telling me “flood warning” in area. So when I got where I was going i just checked the weather forecast. 62! What a tease. It’s only January so there’s lots of time left for the deep freeze

62 is just going to make me long for spring. I’ll be tempted to start planning the garden. The ground will thaw just enough to turn the lawn into a mud pit and then the dogs will be a mess.

And what about this wind and rain? If it’s going to be 62 it would have been nice to have a little sun. Today is Wednesday. I take mom out Wednesday. Wind could blow the poor old woman over. Better not bring her to my house. The driveway slopes. I can see it now, mom and her walker blowing over and being carried down the driveway by torrential rain.

Need to stop rambling. This is what happens when I leave the house without having coffee!!!!!

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