This year the Super Bowl turned out to…

This year the Super Bowl turned out to be a good game. Quite often, the only thing “Super” about it is the commercials. My question is, do you remember the content of the commercials or the product they were promoting? I remember content. This year there was one with old people and tattoos. I have no idea what the product was. All I know is that it was funny. Sort of funny peculiar leaning more to funny uncomfortable. I think I’ve spent too much time with old people over the last few years. The thought of one of them getting all crazy and covered in ink just scares me. I do like the patriotic God, Country, Flag waving and apple pie. They are touching. Again, I don’t know what product they were peddling but the sentiment made me feel good. The one commercial I do remember the product was the Samsung “Next Big Thing” commercial. You saw the phone, you saw fun things you could do with the phone, you saw the tablet and you saw celebrities poking fun at themselves. I liked that one. What was your favorite?

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