Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad. Today you would have been 91 years old. A year ago we were all together for a party to celebrate your 90th. It was a special time with family and friends. I’m grateful for that day and all the days we were lucky enough to have you. That twinkle in your Irish eyes was the light in all of our lives. I hope that wherever you are you are singing. When I was a kid, and you and mom had parties, everyone would always end up singing around a table at the end of the night. I picture you with all of them now singing “That Old Gang of Mine”. I wish I could hear you. Love you Daddy.

2 responses to “Happy Birthday Dad

  1. My Dad would have been 93 on Monday, during the last couple of years his mind wasn’t that of the brilliant Attorney and University professor/Chancelor he once was and sometimes he thought I was his brother not his son. Nevertheless, I could always play his favorite songs and he would still come up to the piano and sing all those lyrics without skipping a beat. May he, together with yours, be remembered fondly and may they both rest in peace. Rafael S.-G.

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