Conversation . . . ahhhhh

Email, Facebook and other social media are great but nothing really replaces a good conversation.  I got up Saturday morning and as usual, checked my email and Facebook over a cup of coffee.  I saw a post from my oldest friend. No, she is not old! Our friendship is old. We have been friends since first grade.  Just as I was about to hit that good old “like” button I thought . . . pick up the phone.  An hour or so later, after catching up on parents, kids and a plethora of other things including but not limited to solving the problems of the world, I felt refreshed.  The sun was shinning a little brighter, the chores of the day were a little lighter. Actual conversation is so good for the soul.  Try it next time you want to email a friend. I guarantee it will feel good and it’s cheaper than therapy.

2 responses to “Conversation . . . ahhhhh

  1. It’s amazing how a simple conversation with a dear friend can brighten your whole week. Thanks for picking up the phone.

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