What is happiness?

I’ve been thinking . . . yea, I know, that can be dangerous. The question I propose is “what is happiness”? For some people, it’s the next party, the next good time, the next drink, the next adventure. My definition has changed as I gained what I hope it maturity and wisdom. I’ve watched so many keep looking for the next great thing. It’s so sad to see people who are unable to be happy and content with life. They are the people always afraid to “settle” lest something better comes along. They are the ones who let the best things in life slip through their fingers while they chase some illusive and fleeting short-term excitement. The thrill seems to be the chase and they never find fulfillment. To me, bliss is waking up in the morning with the person I love, watching the birds in the yard, and a great cup of coffee. Joy is reading a good book and looking across at my husband solving a Sudoku puzzle. Spending time with kids and grandkids is sublime. My art, photography and theatrical endeavors fill my creative needs. Yep, I enjoy a party. I love a night out. I won’t say no to a lovely glass of wine or even an Irish whiskey. But they are not the things in the long run that make me happy. Actually, I don’t expect anyone or anything to make me happy. Youth fades, parties end, excitement is fleeting. People that constantly think that there is something better around the corner are never going to be happy. Real joy is a state of mind. It’s the happiness that comes from inside. It’s the happiness that comes from being content and grateful for the life that we are blessed to have. It comes from realizing that what we have is good, very good and we are blessed. I am blessed. I am happy. I hope you are.

One response to “What is happiness?

  1. Love this reflection, Kathy. It is wonderful to appreciate the gems right in your own backyard. Glad you found yours and are enjoying them.

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