Java Jive from Last June It’s Saturday I…

Java Jive (from Last June)

It’s Saturday. I prefer to sleep late on Saturday but my dogs and life will not allow that luxury today. The dogs, yapping little terriers, were up far too early. Neither they, nor my alarm, would give me any peace. At least the coffee was ready. Whoever invented timers on coffee machines, so that you could roll out of bed to hot coffee waiting for you like a porter in a 5 star hotel, was a genius. Forget about man going to the moon or the invention of penicillin, coffee when you open your eyes is a contribution to society of mammoth proportions. I wonder who that person was. I think they should be tracked down and given a nobel prize for something, not sure what but something. I’m positive that if everyone could have their coffee as soon as they wake up the world would be a calmer place. Who would want to start a war when they could be sitting in a chair gazing out the window with a good cup of coffee? On second thought canonize them.

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