Java with no Jive

Ok, for any of you who don’t know how a feel about coffee in the morning I reposted my blog from last April. Kindly see below. 

Our coffee pot with the lovely automatic timer that someone was canonized for died an untimely death the other day.  This was the third of the same kind of coffee maker. We bought the first one and it was replaced twice under the three year warranty. There is apparently some electronic glitch that causes it to malfunction after about a year. It would brew part of the pot and turn itself off.  At least that what happened the first two times. This time it was murdered. It’s the dogs fault. They got up way too early and my darling husband got up with them.  He is very considerate that way.  Anyhow, he was half asleep and made the coffee . . . or so he thought. He didn’t put the top on the filter basket so instead of making coffee the contraption beeped for well over an hour while he slept on the sofa and I lay comfortably in bed. When I got up it was still beeping but not functional.  The warranty had finally run out so it was time for a new coffee maker. 

I did not accompany my hubby for the purchase of the new coffee maker.  I have learned to stay out of those decisions.  He, being an engineer, will have already researched the topic extensively prior to venturing off to the store.  Why, just the previous week, we had stopped in Kitchen Kapers and he picked the brain of the proprietor on just this subject.  He must have had a premonition that the Coffee maker was about to kick the proverbial bucket.

Where the old one piece coffee maker once stood, the one that measured and ground the beans and made the coffee and had a timer, there are now two contraptions. There is a separate grinder and a coffee machine with a big thermal pot. This one has no hot plate to keep it warm.  Ok, I will admit the coffee is better when it does not continue to cook but this thing has no timer. . . And I thought he was an avid reader of my blog.


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