Music from my Soundtrack

I love singer songwriters.  Carole King has always been a favorite. There were times when her music felt like it was putting the period at the end of my sentence. 

As far back as grade school I was hearing her music.  I remember Steve Lawrence “Go Away Little Girl” playing on the radio when my Mom was ironing. Then there was “The Locomotion” sung by Little Eva always a bandstand favorite.  

By the time high school rolled around a whole different Carole King appealed to me.  Teenagers are so overly dramatic and I was no exception. “It’s Too Late” was my soundtrack for breaking up with a boyfriend.  “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” would echo on the ride home from the dace when someone had acted like they “liked you” and you wondered if they would call. Oh the drama of it all!

Back then, I was enthralled with her “Tapestry” album.  I loved hearing her sing the songs that I had heard others sing so often.  “Live at the Troubadour”,  a collaboration with James Taylor, is now one of my favorites.  I saw the live performance on PBS and loved it. The best part is the storytelling that goes on between songs.  James Taylor tells how he first heard Carole sing “You’ve got a Friend” and knew he had to record it.  Carole talks about writing “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” with her then husband at a time the relationship was falling apart.  The dialogue adds a lovely poignancy to music you have heard for years.

More on James Taylor another time.

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