Where is the time going?

I can’t believe it’s almost Memorial Day. I’ve been thinking, gee the flowers and plants are really doing well, the garden is early this year.  Where is my head?  The time has been flying by. Time used to go by slower, I’m sure of it. When I was a kid, I was always anxious for the next great thing, be that summer, a new school year, being a teenager, turning 21.  Ah, the joys of falling in love, getting married and having a family! Then we grow up. Life takes many unexpected turns. Time flies by. The kids grow up. Relationships fail and new relationships blossom.  We change, we grow and we blossom just like the flowers outside my window. Then one day we realize we have stopped waiting for the next great thing. Not because there is nothing to look forward to because there are so many wonderful things around the corner. But rather it’s the realization that the best things are right here, right now.  To coin a cliché, take time to smell the roses. They won’t be here forever.

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